Should Trump be the Christian Front-runner?

I don’t really read the NYTimes, but I ran across this article by Frank Bruni earlier: Trump-ward, Christian Soldiers? I don’t agree with a lot of what Bruni says here, but he makes a good point. I applaud Trump for blowing up the PC culture in this election cycle, and I’m all for a patrolled wall at the border. However, the fact that Trump as a person embodies very few Christian moral traits seems surprisingly irrelevant to many evangelicals. It’s not just that he has changed his political stances, but that even his character seems irrelevant. He is being lionizedĀ for... Continue reading →

First Post (Re-post)

(This post was originally published several months ago. The website needed to be taken down temporarily for personal reasons, but I’ve brought it back now.)   This is my first shot at revitalizing this website after a long hiatus. The previous version of Ek Pyros was on the heavy side in terms of readability, and probably not ultimately profitable. I was younger in years and maturity at the time. This time around, I will do my best to keep the focus more on the scriptures and to keep my own commentary more concise. After all, the scriptures speak for themselves... Continue reading →